What Money Would Like to Say to You

I would like to tell you to love me.

Smile at me. Collect me. Enjoy me. Feel my power. Spend me. Invest me. Give me. Pay with me. Take me.

I am an energy. I am very powerful and beautiful. I am an incredible web of connections.

I am light. I am not dirty. Only you can be dirty towards me.

You are too afraid of me, as you are of many things.

You can open up and embrace me fully into your life. It is not too late. You can start now.

Just open yourself and say yes.

Be brave. Love me.

Love yourself so you can accept my power, my glory, my light, my beauty.

I am not the devil. I never have been. I am a glorious being of light.

I connect human beings with each other. I am so flexible you can use me to channel your creativity.

Just go ahead. I am waiting for you. You must open your heart. You are too rigid, too afraid and there is nothing to be afraid of.

You will win – not only me but life also.

I am always here to help you. Just accept me and I will come to you very quickly.

There is a lot of me waiting for you. You have been chosen to have more.

Don’t wait. Just take me. I will love you.


Opening chapter of “Love Money, Money Loves You” by Joy Prospero